items going invisible in 1.8

Hello, sorry first if I’m posting this in the wrong place I’m new to this site. I’m having a problem with some of my items going missing in my Minecraft. I play on version 1.8.3 and use tmi and optifine. I’ve built several modern houses in a world and have a problem with certain items disappearing, this tends to happen a lot after being on MC Edit. It’s mostly pictures, picture frames (Items in the picture frames) and plants in plant pots that seem to disappear. I don’t know why this keeps happening, even though I mentioned it happens after using MC Edit I’m not sure if it’s happening without using MC Edit, and it only happen after cutting away big things in MC Edit as far as I’m aware.

However if anyone can help in this matter as it is annoying having to replace the items again and again, thanks in advance.

Laura. 🙂


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