Server IP: (this is a whitelisted server and a hamachi server you must download LogMeIn hamachi from here(to get hamachi network ID’s and names please email [email protected] for a chance to get whitelisted to help build the city or code spigot/craftbukkit/bukkit 1.8 plugins and when the server is opened for the public, all the people who helped during the 1st stage of this server will be moderator(OP), and the hamachi network ID’s and passwords will be posted on this planet minecraft post from here.

Whitlist Request format:
Minecraft Username:
Why do you want to help shape the future of this server?
(Yep, thats all because I don’t want this to be to complicated for some people).
(once you are done you will get whitlisted and a MUST READ (you MUST READ this section or you will have difficulty joining the server)).

Stages we have to go through:
Building the city and Coding plugins.[STILL WHITELISTED]
Opened to the public![NOT WHITELISTED ANYMORE]

Current Stage (at the time this was posted):
Building the city and Coding plugins.(This will change over time)

Server Name:
Grand City of Minecraftia Role-Play Server

Please Note:
our server is whitlisted because it is not opened to the public yet, if you are intrested in Help Building The City, or want to code Spigot/Bukkit/CraftBukkit 1.8 Minecraft plugins for this server, please email: [email protected] to get a chance to get whitelisted and help shape the future of this server.

The Special Offer:
If you have applied and have been accepted to Help build the city, or want to code Spigot/Bukkit/CraftBukkit 1.8 Minecraft plugins for this server, I will promise you to get moderator once this server opened for the public.

About The Server:
Hello, Minecraftians! Minecraft Role-Play Servers are getting more and more rare, so I decided to step up. First of all I need to say that our server needs builders and Spigot/Bukkit/CraftBukkit 1.8 Plugin Coders, And these people will be moderator once the server is opened for the public. This server needs these people to give every player on this server a very unique Experience on this server.

Why I need you guys:
We need Builders and Spigot/Bukkit/CraftBukkit Minecraft plugin coders to help shape the future of this server, and also give every player on this server[once opened to the public and beta-testers] a truly very unique experience.

for those who joined the building and coding stage of the server[including beta-testers]:
Thank You! this is a true Thank You to you. you people have truly helped me out shaped the experience for everyone else. I Promise you people will get op once it is opened to the public.

My Minecraft username:


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