Modded Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 Extreme Lag Spikes Help!

I have a single player mine craft world that I’ve been playing on for about 4-5 months now, it is modded, not with a particular mod pack, but with mods I put in myself (48 total). Recently whenever I join the world there are very bad lag spikes in which I can move at normal speed the but the world reacts slowly, for instance it takes 5 seconds after pressing a button for an iron door to open, and mobs cannot move. When ever I step near a particular set of chunks, where I have a mob spawner my game consistently freezes for 5 seconds then unfreezes for a split second before freezing again. It has never crashed before, but I will post the console log here. PLEASE help. This happens when I am playing by myself, and when I play over LAN with my brother (I have never played the world with more than 2 people). My brother also receives the same lag I do. My computer has 8GB of RAM. I think the main source for concern is in the console log where it says “can’t keep up!…” I have tried numerous thing to fix this, but nothing’s worked. I installed optifine, and set javaw.exe’s priority to high, and allocated more RAM to minecraft in the launcher (-Xmx-#G): I tried 2, 3, and 4 GB. Nothing’s worked so far, and all hope seems to be lost. PLZ help. Minecraft console log (while in game)


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  2. just get forge compatible with optifine



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