Need Animator/Vocalist for Minecraft Parody



I am working on a Minecraft parody, and I have nearly all the lyrics done (just one line left haha)  and I am in desperate need of an animator.

I’m looking for someone who is experienced, has a moderate to advanced skills in 3D animation, and also doesn’t mind if I post it on

YouTube (CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN WHERE CREDIT IS DUE OF COURSE). If you are interested, please contact me through pm (also haven’t been on the forums in 6-8 months so can someone tell me where that is?).



I suck at singing (thankfully I just write music), so I also need a vocalist.

Not really much of a preference here except to be good at singing icon biggrin Need Animator/Vocalist for Minecraft Parody . If you are interested, also pm me.

All who want to apply for this will be given a tryout so it will be fair to everyone icon biggrin Need Animator/Vocalist for Minecraft Parody . This information will be


I really hope I can get some people, and it be even awesomer for us to have a partnership!

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  1. X_Th3DarkL0rd_X
    August 31, 2015, 4:27 pm

    Hi, I can animate for you!
    I am doing alright at animating so far, getting better.
    I use blender (my older animations on my youtube channel are nothing like what i can do now)
    DarkLordVSGaming <—–Youtube
    contact me through there or my email: [email protected]
    Also a lot of people have to be paid but I do for free (not cause I am bad, because I am nice =)
    but you will have to be exact on what you need. Also If you have a server set up then I can help make the scenery.

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