Need Faction Players Opinions!

So I’m currently in the process of creating a server and you can look at my threads if you want to know more about it. In the most basic form it will be a REAL faction server without OP kits and without the feeling that you can never make it to the top because other factions are way to strong.And if you want to get the best gear in the game the ONLY way to get it, is to work for it. Much more detail but this topic is too discuss some ideas!

First Idea: Now this idea is different from the rest because it is suggesting a whole new faction plugin. Something more creative and different from the original, still keeping the principles of raiding and clans though.

Second idea: Making it so Protection and Sharpness is only obtained through books from the store! This will make it so these items have much more of a worth on it. We are thinking of making the economy based on farming, the best way to make money is grinding out crops and selling them, obviously other things can be sold too, but crops is the most basic and easiest for beginners and advanced.

Third Idea: Making a staking type arena, basically you put in a offer of an item or cash and then someone else offers something and if you like the offer you accept and now you guys duel for it and whoever wins gets the item. This will be optimized for 1v1’s to 10v10’s for war. It doesn’t have to be dueling it can be objectives based gamemodes, whatever people want.

Now we have TONS more ideas but we want to keep this short. We will be constantly posting threads like this with more ideas and people will decide if they want it or not!

We are extremely dedicated to this project and strict on who we take in because that is essential in creating a good server unlike all the other dead ones. But anyone can be a supporter! If you are a fan of this just comment or PM me your skype and I will keep you updated on server progress so you can play from opening day! Thank you.



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