Opportunity; Be a part of something great 1.8.8

I’ve finished up a 3 year long metropolis on 360 now back to PC. going to start something ascetically wonderful on here looking for people to share their creative side on my server. First come first serve. Everyone deserves a chance. This world is backed up automatically every 30 seconds so if you troll…

it’s a waste of time for you. Starting simple survival ending in a fantastic brag worthy world. Realms let’s you access server anytime to work when you are able. Take your time it will be worth it in the end when people look in awwwe. Starting with your home ending in a metropolis city with no block out of place. First 10 get a spot. Comment username will be added right away. If you suck or **** around.. you will get a boot and backup will pick up right before you came. Look foreword to creating something great.. amazing .. what you put into it is what you give


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