SENCESERVERS || New server listing site!

What is SenceServers?
We are a Minecraft server list with a nice appeal! We will give your your server a chance to be seen and to bring players to your server. Our Minecraft server list is eye catching and will soon bring many impressions to your server within time.

What we offer?
– Commenting System.
– Player Count
– Voting
– Live Support
– VIP listings

So go check us out! and we will help you while you help us creating a great server list!

Contact Us: [email protected]

Live Support:
We are the only server list with live support. We are almost 24/7 and we have a great staff community of support officers!
If you feel like you could become a Support Officer please contact us and you will go through training!

The SenceServers Server Team:
Our Server Team consists of a lot of people that are professionals in all sort of fields. These fields are Plugins, Config, Building, Staff Recruitment,
Advertising, and so on. We can help your server in all those ways. To get help simply open a live chat with one of our support officers, and
we will send you some people from our Server Team to help you out!

10 Servers [Done]
20 Servers [Done]
30 Servers [Done]
40 Servers [ Done]
50 Servers [ ]
100 Severs [ ]
500 Servers [ ]
1000 Servers [ ]
5000 Servers [ ]
10000 Servers [ ]
30000 Servers [ ]

If you have any questions, please comment below!


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