[1.10] Quantum Labs Map Download

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Quantum Labs Map [1.10] Quantum Labs Map Download

After moving to a big city you finally land yourself a new job as the intern at Quantum Labs. Travel through the huge city using your GPS and find your way to your new workplace! While working for Professor Ortega, who knows what strange technology you will discover?

Map takes an average of about 30mins, depending on reading speed. This is a story based adventure map so expect lots of dialogue.


  • Reader-paced text.
  • Immersive Story.
  • 30 Minute Gameplay
  • Many special audio and visual effects.
  • Tons of action, fighting, and puzzles.
  • Many mechanical/moving effects.

2016 07 25 18.59.27 [1.10] Quantum Labs Map Download

2016 07 25 18.59.59 [1.10] Quantum Labs Map Download

2016 07 25 19.00.22 [1.10] Quantum Labs Map Download


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  1. Guest
    August 7, 2016, 4:42 am

    This was awesome!Waiting on the next part! 😀

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