[1.10] Racing Fever Map Download

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d3121  Racing Fever Map [1.10] Racing Fever Map Download

A fun and easy to medium difficulty parkour racing map made for 1 to 4 players. Racing Fever map features 4 identical colored tracks, a lot of command contraptions, good-looking, interesting and fun parkour? There are a lot of checkpoints to make the map easier? Command block output is disabled, and you will be instant-killed when you fall into the void. Timer is also included in my map. Rain and thunderstorms are disabled. In the end is a big pvp arena (for players to battle) with chests and loots, so who ever gets first to the arena, gets a lot of good weapons/armor?

Some of the parkour you’ll see in this map:

Train parkour, parkouring on trees, clouds, slimes, using elytras in the end, air ballons etc?

d3121  Racing Fever Map 1 [1.10] Racing Fever Map Download
80c75  Racing Fever Map 2 [1.10] Racing Fever Map Download
80c75  Racing Fever Map 3 [1.10] Racing Fever Map Download

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