[1.11.2] Escape 2 Map Download

[1.11.2] Escape 2 Map Download

You escaped once, but can you do it again? In the sequel to Escape you are put back to solving puzzles 1 at time that in the end come together to help you Escape the chamber!

Can you do it again? Find out in Escape II!


Completely new puzzles that are nothing like the ones from Escape I.

A much requested Hint System! Don’t be afraid to take a hint, some puzzles can be hard and there isn’t a penalty for taking one, so don’t be ashamed if you have to!

Slightly less hard than Escape I as lots of comments were complaining the map was broken, but in turn they just couldn’t figure it out.

You can play Escape I and Escape II in the same map! They don’t interfere with one another, so you can play both, with only one download!

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  1. It’s very fun



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