[1.11] Shulkerbox Parkour Map Download

Welcome to the Map of Shulker Box Parkour! How can you use Shulker Boxes in Parkour? You may be wondering… though it’s in more ways then one as you’ll find out.

While this map as a lot to offer! a wide range of co-op parkour challenges, two-player puzzles that’ll take two minds to solve, as well as the ending boss battle on top of Doom Tower.

Do you have the skills, ingenuity, and teamwork to blaze through this Map? only one way to find out!


  • A New Kind of Parkour Involving the many ways to use the new 1.11 block, the Shulker Box
  • Cooperative Challenges such as Parkour, Puzzles, and Boss Battles in a wide variety
  • Game play that can take 30 min to 2 hours, will you and a friend complete the map in one try? or make it a week-long game?


  • Use 1.11 or higher to play
  • This Map is Two Player, and cannot be played or completed by one person
  • This Parkour ain’t for rookies! as it’s made up of unique and challenging parkour for those in search of a worthy map to face




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