[1.5.1] The Elder Scrolls V: MineRim: Fall of Skyrim Map Download


The Story is Based on the Original Game on the Market: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s contains real story, and self-created story-elements.

In this Map you play as the Young,Brave Dragonborn. His Duty is to Destroy the Evil and the Darkness.

He shows no mercy for every Evil Creature in Skyrim. When he Think that the Darkness is finally gone..Then his thought was Wrong, he Falls. 5 Years Later, a group of Magician’s Must Go away from Skyrim ,the Darkness…IS BACK. It’s taking over the World of Skyrim, Dark days pass by, nobody can live there anymore, every friend the Magician’s had, are all Dead..

They Flee to a other Demension…Called: MineRim,but they are still not safe there. You got only 1 thing left to do there..Taking..REVENGE! They must complete the duty of the Dragonborn.

But, Will you do it?, Will you Survive the Power of the Darkness?






General Information:

  • Total Playtime: Over 3+ Hours.
  • Maximum Players Online: 4.
  • Reccomended Difficulty: Normal.
  • Recomend to play with: Far Distance, Mod’s Installed, Texture Pack Equipped. And to Play Alone or with 1 Friend on a Bukkit Server.


  • MAtmos Sound Mod.
  • Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders Mod.
  • Blood Mod.
  • Dragon Mount Mod.
  • Rei’s MiniMap Mod.
  • Mod Loader.
  • Minema Mod.

Texture Pack:


  • Download The Map.
  • After that,unpack it with Winrar or 7Zip.
  • Click on the Map,read and explore and take a look at everything in the Map.
  • Minimize,go to run in Start Type in: %appdata% and Hit ‘OK’.
  • For Mac,Double click on you’re Mac’s hard drive icon either on the desktop or in the sidebar of a Finder window. Look for a folder called Applications – this contains your application data.
  • Then go inside the save folder inside .minecraft.
  • Cut the Save folder from the Folder: The Elder Scrolls V: MineRim-Fall of Skyrim into there and then close the Window. (Save folder to play is called the same as the name of the Map)
  • Install Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shader Mod
  • Install all Mod’s in the txt file inside the folder
  • You are now done, log in and Play. Have Fun!

The Elder Scrolls V: MineRim-Fall of Skyrim© Ultimate Edition




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