[1.5.1] Waka Islands Survival Map Download

Do you like playing survival maps, where you must use wit, resources and cunning to survive, to thrive and survive?  Maybe you enjoy floating island survival, which creates a constant sense of dread, if you dig too far or veer too far off a ledge, you may just plummet into the inky black oblivion that holds your doom!  There are several islands you must traverse to in order to complete the challenges, and there are many, many challenges for those who love to complete lists of activities.

Waka Islands Survival Map Waka Islands Survival Map Waka Islands Survival Map

You start in the middle of a singular island in the middle of a giant void in space, a mystical world of mystery and adventure.  You start with some hints and a box full of items which you must use to progress, slowly but surely to the other islands.  There is no single path, no one way to complete the challenges, and this is what makes maps like this really great.

The Ender Games Map Main Features

  • Survival map with loads of Adventure style sections
  • Several islands to explore

The Ender Games Map Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Highly detailed floating island survival / adventure map with tons to do and see!
  • Cons: Sometimes there is a bug with the command blocks, making you go off in some random area for no reason.

How to Install The Ender Games Map

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Find the Saves folder located inside
  3. In the Saves folder you need to place the entire folder of the Waka Islands Survivalmap inside
  4. Run minecraft and select the Waka Islands Survival map you are ready to play


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