[1.5.1] Warucia Castle Epic Build Map Download

[1.5.1] Warucia Castle Epic Build Map Download

Do you like fantasy stories and games full of ancient lore, epic fights with mythological creatures and fantastic architecture that sprawls across the land ruled by kings and tyrants?  What if you could live in your own huge and seemingly endless, well designed down to the last detail and epic architecture, all these things to your very own?  This is a huge build, and thats all it is, but what is does, it does very well!  This is one of the more detailed builds I have ever seen, and it really gives a sense of power and strength, perfect for your battle seasoned warrior.  This round, multi layered structure is perfect for defense against your enemies and gives you an awesome view of the lands you have taken as your own!  This castle is 150 blocks high, 14,500 blocks, 70,000 stone bricks and has a really nice and custom terrain that surrounds it, making rolling majestic hills the beauty you get to behold while looking from the windows and vantage points!

Warucia Castle Epic Build Map Warucia Castle Epic Build Map Warucia Castle Epic Build Map

Do  you want to have your own epic castle build to create you own town near, to live in while you spend your days adventuring, coming home to a massive and awe inspiring building?  Download and install Warcucia Castle today!

Warucia Castle Epic Build Map Main Features

  • Huge and well designed castle
  • Lots to explore and see
  • Completely customized terrain

How to Install Warucia Castle Epic Build Map

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Find the Saves folder located inside
  3. In the Saves folder you need to place the entire folder of the Warcucia Castle map inside
  4. Run minecraft and select the Warcucia Castle map you are ready to play

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  1. This Map Is For Noob!!!!!!

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    Minecraft Hypixel Map’s



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