[1.5.2] Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival Map Download

Do you enjoy zombie horror movies, TV shows and other undead entertainment?  Its one of the faster growing genres (much like actual zombies, spreading like a virus!) and many people have a fascination with the dead that walk the earth.  There are some social comparisons and perhaps some fears onset because it could me you or me!  If you enjoy games like Call of Duty and the zombie horde modes, where you fend off the shambling dead, progressively getting more difficult and intense, I think you will enjoy the Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival Map (named after the Call of Duty map, which translates to Theater of the Dead).  There are waves of dead creatures, unlockable areas and a payment / leveling system.  There are powerups, secrets and much more to behold in this cool map, one that might satisfy your zombie killing needs!

If you like zombies, if you enjoy games like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising or Call of Duty zombie modes, you will surely find something to like about the Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival map!  Download and install this one today while you get your trusty zombie killing sword ready!

Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival Map Main Features

  • Zombie killing action
  • Lots of cool secrets
  • Payment system
  • Upgrades and much more!

How to Install Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival Map

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Locate the Saves folder
  3. Download the Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival map
  4. Unzip the folder
  5. Place the entire folder into the Mods folder in .minecraft
  6. Run minecraft, select the map from saves and you are ready to play Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival map!


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