[1.5.2] MCPyramid Survival Map Download

This is another one of the most scariest map ever made in minecraft and I bet some scenes will make you jump out of your chair. Rules of thumb when playing haunted maps like this is, close the lights, stay alone, open the air conditioner, and take a blanket. “I find myself in the middle of this pyramid, hopeless, out of resources, and everything is just soo limited however i already passed the tressure room before and the treasure is just beyond your imaginations”. “The second day there is this sand monsters lurking from the sand and destroying my camp in the pyramid, now I got nowhere to live… I will leave all my resources here, the dusts, the soils, and all the things I used to survive however I will not survive any longer and I will leave this to the other person.. who was trapped with my own greediness like me…”

2i6hron.jpg (Mobile)

osfygy.jpg (Mobile)

1zdpsf4.jpg (Mobile)

28ldpo4.jpg (Mobile)

MCPyramid Survival Map Main Features

  • A great, creepy, haunting, scary, storyline
  • Its A survival map so basically you will have to survive from this mummies
  • Build a house, farm, and find more resources
  • There is no escape… just survive or live with the mummies XD

This is the pt.1, more in youtube if you wanna see tha story

How to Install MCPyramid Survival Map

  1. Extract the map here
  2. Rename it as “world1″ in which this will replace your world 1 slot
  3. Open your “.minecraft” folder by going to “run” in your start menu and type “%appdata%”
  4. Then go to your “saves” folder
  5. Copy and paste the map here
  6. DONE!

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  1. its agood thing



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