[1.5.2] PigZ Racer Map Download

Welcome to my map PigZ racer! This is a mini-game where 3 persons compete for the first place in a pig race!


  1. Do not steal budder
  2. Do not kill pigs
  3. Play on peaceful
  4. Have fun!

Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/3ipb94m434nmkpz/PigZ_Racer.rar

2013 06 04 08.54.20 300x155 [1.5.2] PigZ Racer Map Download2013 06 04 08.55.091 300x155 [1.5.2] PigZ Racer Map Download


1 Comment

  1. Soon i will make PigZ Racers 2 with lots of racing circuits



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