[1.6.2] Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle Map Download

[1.6.2] Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle Map Download

Welcome to Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle – an adventure map that will certainly surprise you! This little trip into the depths of Crepuscule Town will allow you to discover a world of eternal night where everyone is always happy – except when they die. Look, even the moon smiles!

If you’re interested in a quick little adventure, lasting around an hour or two, designed for one player but suitable for a few, you’ve come to the right place! This map features a sumptuous little story, nicely-designed builds, a handful of custom textures and narration files for every book in the map!







  • 1. Don’t break blocks unless told to.
  • 2. Don’t place blocks at all (except for torches).
  • 3. Play on easy, normal or hard.
  • 4. You are allowed to craft and enchant.
  • 5. You must use the resource pack (included in the download).
  • 6. If you play in multiplayer, “enable-command-block” should be set to “true”! Otherwise, you won’t get anywhere.
  • 7. Don’t die too much.

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