[1.6.2] Two For One Map Download

As the title says, it’s a Co-Op map where you need to solve puzzles specially designed for two players. There is also a texture pack that makes the map even better, but it is not needed. (Although some blocks are placed because of the texturepack. So if you see random stonebrick, that’s why)

If you get stuck in a level, Please read the ‘‘objective list’’ it will help you!,

If you are running out of food, read the cakerooms list, and don’t cheat!!

Two For One Map

Two For One Map

Two For One Map

Two For One Map

Two For One Map

Why this map??

  • 4-8 hours of fun!
  • No annoying delays and timers (and no long stairs)
  • A lot of CAKE!! (in the puke)
  • No mods needed (or plugins)
  • 50 Levels


  • Just don’t cheat (no commands, mods etc.)

Objectives: Testchambers
Testchamber 1
Both subjects have to take turns jumping to the other side.
Testchamber 2
There are 3 pressureplates, the stone one opens the chest, put paper in the dispenser, and drop it on the wooden pressure plates
Testchamber 3
Walk to the other side, then jump up using the trapdoor, and use shift (or jump) to get past the pressureplates
Testchamber 4
Burn the wool (and the ceiling) and swim up in water to let the lava disappear
Testchamber 5
Swim up, burn all the wool, turn water off (switches) go down, burn the wool, and let the pistons go away with the levers
Testchamber 6
Pres the 3 buttons, and 3 numbers will appear (if you are upstairs) press these numbers in the wall (down left) (answer = 281)
Testchamber 7
Push the sand in the middle using the pistons
Testchamber 8
Turn all the lights off, left control right lights, right control left lights.
Testchamber 9
Jump up, and read the color code (next color is pressure plate 3) iron is stop, (answer = red, orange, yellow, black)
Testchamber 10
Just finish the maze
Testchamber 11
Right go, left go, right back, left go, right go, right go (stand on pressure plates during the jumps)
Testchamber 12
Jump up, burn the roof, step on the pressureplate to get stairs,
Testchamber 13
Let the minecart go to the end (far right button is start)
Testchamber 14
Solve the questions, don’t forget to insert every code (the button on the end)! (answer = 21, 38, 96, 75)
Testchamber 15
Let the tree grow, use the trapdoor to get up.
Testchamber 16
Right side jump to the other side, left side controlls the water
Testchamber 17
Solve the maze (far left is exit) button is for the doors
Testchamber 18
Red = stop, green = walk, that easy (you can also just jump)
Testchamber 19
Press the button to let the lava flow, flip the lever to let the cobblestone go up, get it in the roof to open the doors.
Testchamber 20
Copy the sound (answer = 4, 5, 1, 2, 3)
Testchamber 21
Flip the swith as fast as you can, and make a bridge
Testchamber 22
One jumps, the other moves the blocks (answer = 1, 3, 2, 4, 5)
Testchamber 23
Hit lever to open the gate, stand on the pressureplate to make the code appear (answer = 3, 2, 6, 1)
Testchamber 24
Jump at the same time to the other side.
Testchamber 25
Stand on 2 pressureplates on the left or the right side, make 3 white colors.
Testchamber 26
Take the map, read it, then trow it on the wooden pressure plate (answer = 3, 7, 5)
Testchamber 27
Try to make the shape (on = down, off=up)
Testchamber 28
Walk in a circle, and stand both on the pressure plates
Testchamber 29
If you’re reading this you are either very stupid or just reading the entire objective list just for fun.
Testchamber 30
Just jump to the other side
Testchamber 31
Let one subject jump up , I recommend the best subject because there will be a cheat way after 20 seconds
Testchamber 32
Speedrun both to the other side (be faster than the lights!)
Testchamber 33
Throw the fishingrod on to the pressureplates, and if the lights are on, put them in the the hole (next to the sign)
Testchamber 34
Jump up, buttons and levers are there to annoy the other subject
Testchamber 35
Make a creeper face , (black = down, green = up)
Testchamber 36
Teleport with the enderpearls, try tp jump sometimes or you won’t have enough ender pearls in the end.
Testchamber 37
Try to get the water in the hole, the buttons control the blocks (and switches) and switches control the water
Testchamber 38
Hit only the right colors, (answer = yellow, blue, purple, black)
Testchamber 39
Burn the whole chamber, finish the jumping puzzle
Testchamber 40
A timed run (for the first one, jump!)
Testchamber 41
The one on the right should make the jumping puzzle work. Every button does something to help or annoy the one on the left. Press the reset button to reset the pistons.
Testchamber 42
look at the gravel, is it the top block, or the bottom block. Point the levers at the gravel.
Testchamber 43
Press the button, click the minecart. Pick up the paper, throw it in the hole, press the other button, press the other button, go up in the water.
Testchamber 44
Find your way through the soulsand; 1) Jump to the right. 2) Press the button together, sprint and jump. 3) look back when standing on the soulsand, press the button
Testchamber 45
Look ath the glowstone, those are the pressureplates you are allowed to stand on (the door and redstonelamp also counts as pressureplates where you can stand on)
Testchamber 46
go down in the hole, burn the wool, stand on the pressureplate, go in the hole on the left, press the buttons to put the gravel up to make a ladder, press teh ‘open door’ button go down, press the button, get out of the button room.
Testchamber 47
turn on the particles, press the button. Watch at the colors of the potions, enter the code (green, orange, pink, red)
Testchamber 48
throw the paper in the holes (for the two most left, you need to throw oblique
Testchamber 49
Do what you have learnt: 1) both stand on the pressure plates, pick up the paper, throw the paper on the wooden pressureplate, pick the paper back up! 2) make the figures with the levers. 3) Enter the code from the map (375) and throw the 2 paper in the 2 holes, you can give paper to each other with the chest. 4) solve the question (34). 5) stand on the right pressureplate, jump to the other side, stand on the left pressureplate, jump to the other side. 6) the left one should go all the way to the back, keep standing on the pressureplate there, that will open the chest, use the dispensers to give the paper to each other. 7) pick up the flint & steal out of the chest on the left side, go up in the water, burn the wool, flip the levers, burn the wool. 8) Stand on the left pressureplate, go up to the right, stand on the pressureplate, go up on the left side. Press the button, click the minecart, pick up the paper, throw the paper in the hole. 9) make a creeper face upside down with the levers. 10) use the pressureplates to go up.
Testchamber 50
Press the button in the middle of the room before the arrows shoot. Watch out! a button does not always open on the same side. The lights tell you where a button is opened.

Objectives: Cakerooms
Cakeroom 1
If you fall in the water for the first time, stay a couple of seconds in the water.
Cakeroom 2
When you finished room 1, swim in the middle back, through the glass, wait until you see ‘opening cakeroom’ then go back down on the other side.
Cakeroom 3
in the room with the golden 3 on the floor, press a little button on the left of of the water
Cakeroom 4
When you finished room 3, go back, the doors at the bottom opened
Cakeroom 5
press the button next to the water in the room 5 (with the beds) and go down the water
Cakeroom 6
After finishing room 5, wait 10 sec, and go down to the levers again
Cakeroom 7
Eat the cake in room 6 (upstairs)
Cakeroom 8
Stand in all the corners downstairs in room 7 (just push the minecart if you can see it)
Cakeroom 9
In room 9 press the black button for about 10 times. (not to quickly! and make sure you push the black button first, and then enter the code, not first the code and then the black button)
Cakeroom 10
In the maze somewhere (in room 10), but you have to press a button first
Cakeroom 11
After you have stairs in room 12, press both pressureplates again
Cakeroom 12
After pressing both pressureplates there’s also a cakeroom in the start of the room (the room with the beds)
Cakeroom 13
recharge flint and steel in room 13.
Cakeroom 14
Close the wooden door in room 16 (the one on the right)
Cakeroom 15
Press a button in the maze in room 17 then a cakeroom will appear in the maze. (top right corner, seen from where you start)
Cakeroom 16
Press a button in test 18 (above in the flint & steal recharge point) and a cakeroom will appear
Cakeroom 17
in room 19 is a button on the right drop (where you fall in the water)
Cakeroom 18
After finishing the cobblestone generator going up thingey, continue making cobble stone to get a cakeroom.
Cakeroom 19
Press the far left button for about 10 times in room 20
Cakeroom 19
In room 22 is a button when you finished the jumping puzzle(next to the ladder), press that.
Cakeroom 20
Don’t throw anything in the flint and steal recharge point yet, there is a button in it in room 24
Cakeroom 21
After finishing room 24, go back to the beginning, and finish it again.
Cakeroom 22
stand on the pressureplate top right and the left one (to open the door) at the same time in room 25, in the next room is the cakeroom.
Cakeroom 23
Stand on the wooden pressure plate, and the one to reveal the chest at the same time in room 26.
Cakeroom 24
press the button in room 29 above the water from the flint and steel recharge point.
Cakeroom 25
press the button by the roof in room 30, and go to the end of the water (and swim down)
Cakeroom 26
Hit the button at room 35, near the levers. A free cakeroom will appear at room 36
Cakeroom 27
Instead of throwing the enderpearl (room 36) to the red(stone lamp) block, you can also throw it to the wall, where will be a button.
Cakeroom 28
Let the water stream to the right side in room 37, and swim up and press the button
Cakeroom 29
Room 40: Stand both pressureplates (at the second part when you have crossed the first iron door)
Cakeroom 30
Well, you can basically see it in 45
Cakeroom 31
After room 48 there’s a lava trash thingy, throw in all the paper, then press the button. The trash will magically transform in to cake yaaayy!!!
Cakeroom 32
Eat the cake in the puke

Resource Pack:http://www.mediafire.com/download/nhx15lpzq1jef0g



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