[1.6.4] Woosh Games Theme Park Map Download

[1.6.4] Woosh Games Theme Park Map Download

The Woosh Games Theme Park Map is a server hosted map that allows users to go and enjoy all of the features of a theme park inside their Minecraft game. Are you bored of playing adventure maps or even just playing single player? If so then I think you need to visit the Woosh Games Theme Park! It has everything to keep you and your friends happy and smiling and is also updated all of the time. Either take part in activities or even go to MineDonalds!

Woosh Games Theme Park Map Woosh Games Theme Park Map

Woosh Games Theme Park Map Main Features!

  • The park is divided in to three main sectors: Mini Games, Pro Games and Spleef Arenas!
  • You can take part in the Pig Rodeo, DodgeBow, Snow Fight and Jungle Race!
  • All activities have their own star rating and difficulty rating.
  • The Space Race is rated five star and features parkour!
  • There are six different types of styled Spleef Arena!

Woosh Games Theme Park Map Rules!

  • There are no official rules to the Minecraft map, but obey the server rules.
  1. Don’t be rude or insult members in the server.
  2. Don’t grief or cheat in any of the games.
  3. Have fun at all times!

Woosh Games Theme Park Map Pros and Cons!


  • Insane multiple player fun!
  • Many activities that range in difficulty.
  • Well built park and well maintained server!


  • There are currently no faults or negatives with this Minecraft map.

How to install the Woosh Games Theme Park Map!

  1. First of all, I would recommend download and installing the latest version of OptiFine.
  2. Next, download the latest version of the Woosh Games Theme Park Map.
  3. Drag and drop the .zip files into the following location: /appdata/.minecraft/saves.
  4. Launch your Minecraft game and select the correct save file.
  5. Enjoy your new Minecraft map!

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