[1.7.10] Ghostbusters Map Download

[1.7.10] Ghostbusters Map Download

When you were younger did you watch the Ghostbusters movies?  Maybe even the cartoon on Saturday mornings?  Do you like the idea of a group of people gathering and getting rid of ghosts that are terrorizing a neighborhood?  If you wanted to be a Ghostbuster, this map is something you should check out today!  This is the Ghostbusters Map for Minecraft!  This map is a cool mini game built into Minecraft.  The game is to pick a side, ghosts or Ghostbusters.  The ghosts win if they kill the Ghostbusters or surviving until the time limit.  Ghostbusters win if they capture all the undead by killling them.  It is possible to escape from prison, making this a really intense game to play with your friends.


If you like the Ghostbusters movies and wanted to become one yourself, be sure to download and install Ghostbusters Map for Minecraft today!

Ghostbusters Map Main Features

  • A full recreated city block based on the Ghostbusters movie.
  • A really unique twist on a classic PvP game type.
  • Prison escape, vending machines and more!

How to Use Ghostbusters Map

  • Install as follows in the instructions below
  • A full list of the detailed rules is located here.

Ghostbusters Map  Pros and Con


  1. A great Ghostbusters themed map with a unique PvP type of gameplay!


  1. This map works best with four or more players but it is still well designed to make it fun to explore without playing normally.

How to Install Ghostbusters Map

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Navigate to your .minecraft / Saves folder (if you don’t have one already, run Minecraft and it will create one)
  3. Download the Ghostbusters Map for Minecraft and place into the Saves folder
  4. Run minecraft and you are ready to play!


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