[1.7.10/1.7.2] Caves of Darkoth Map Download

Caves of Darkoth map brings an underground survival and Capture the Monument gameplay into a dark creepy underworld.   The story is that there are a few people that have been missing for quite a while deep in the underground.  They  went into the Caves Of Darkoth but they didn’t return since.    The mission is to collect all the wool while you fight through the caves and dungeons. Another thing you’ll have to do, look for survivors but be careful, they might have been infected.

Caves of Darkoth MapCaves of Darkoth MapCaves of Darkoth MapCaves of Darkoth MapCaves of Darkoth Map

Caves of Darkoth Map Main Features

  • A great and well designed map that has a creepy vibe throughout the gameplay.
  • Survive in any way you can including farming, mining and more.
  • You need to collect the wool to complete the map, making it deep and sort of pushing you to search all the areas.

Caves of Darkoth Map Rules

  • You may craft, mine, farm, breed and place/break blocks.
  • Don’t leave the map boundaries or for example head to surface or dig into a natural cave, this defeats the challenge.
  • Play on easy or harder to get the full effect of the map.
  • No spawning, flying, teleporting or cheating in general.

Caves of Darkoth Map Pros and Cons


  1. A nice spooky map with lots of exploration and plenty of ways to find fun.


  1. Can be easy to diverge from the path because of the open ended nature of minecraft.

How to Install Caves of Darkoth Map

  1. Download the link and save to desktop.
  2. Open it up using Winrar or any equally capable archiver.
  3. Copy the map folder
  4. Press Start and type  %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  5. Open the Saves folder
  6. Paste the copied map folder into this folder
  7. Open Minecraft and select Caves of Darkoth map to play


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