[1.7.10/1.7.2] The Lost Potato Map Download

The The Lost Potato is a new map made by the developer ‘ICrafting’. This is actually only chapter one of this series, so if you have already played and enjoyed this section of your adventure then get excited for future additions! In this chapter, you find yourself trapped in a prison cell with an innocent piglet. You must escape and journey together! This map isn’t too serious, it is actually a very fun and witty map. It will you have you laughing and smiling all of the way through – which is a very good thing! This map currently has over 50,000 downloads!

The Lost Potato MapThe Lost Potato MapThe Lost Potato Map

The Lost Potato Map Main Features!

  • This map has some outstanding builds and structures.
  • The story will take experienced players up to 70 minutes.
  • More chapters are planned for this brilliant story.
  • This map has a bit of everything, puzzles, parkour and combat!

The Lost Potato Map Pros and Cons!


  • You can install this map on both client and server and play it with friends.
  • This map is well looked after and is basically bug-free at the moment.
  • It’s a lot of fun and a smooth runner!


  • There are basically no faults with this Minecraft map.

How to install The Lost Potato Map

  1. Firstly, as this map is quite large, I would recommending installing the latest version ofOptiFine.
  2. Next, download the The Lost Potato Map
  3. Extract the files to your desktop with the WinRar archiver.
  4. Open the ‘run’ application in your start menu.
  5. Search for: %appdata% then go to /.minecraft/saves.
  6. Drag and drop the files into there and launch Minecraft.
  7. Enjoy your new map!


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