[1.7.2] Electric Cave Map Download

The Electric Cave Map is a fantastic new style puzzle map created by the new developer ‘rymdnisse’. The developer has said that the puzzles in this map are one hundred percent original and unique, and I have no reason to disagree with him! The puzzles in this map are completely powered by redstone, which is something that has never been done before. I highly recommend this mod to anyone who is experienced with redstone power and puzzles. This map has obviously been worked on for a very long time, and it shows.

Electric Cave Map

Electric Cave Map

Electric Cave Map Main Features!

  • The main feature of this map is the redstone power puzzles.
  • The main concept is to use redstone repeaters in order to power different blocks in different ways.
  • Each block in every puzzle will respond to the redstone power in a different way.
  • Most of the setting of this map is in caves, which provides a unique puzzling experience!

Electric Cave Map Pros and Cons!


  • One good thing about this map is that you can play it solo or with friends.
  • The redstone work within this map is great, and it is updated very often.
  • This pack works with the likes of OptiFine and MCPATCHER.


  • The Electric Cave Map has one bug that I am aware and hasn’t been fixed yet.

How to install the Electric Cave Map!

  1. First, download the Electric Cave Map.
  2. Next, extract the files to your Desktop with WinRar.
  3. Then search for ‘run’ and go to %appdata%/.minecraft/saves.
  4. Drag and drop your downloaded .zip files here.
  5. Launch Minecraft and select the correct save file.
  6. Enjoy your new Minecraft map.


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