[1.8] Father Adventure Map Final Download

This map is incredible!! Absolutely amazing, I downloaded the first 5 maps I saw because I felt like an adventure map to play. They were all terrible, that is until l I selected the “father adventure map“. My jaw dropped at the setting of the map. It took me over 2 hours to complete! The whole time I was hunched forward in my seat, the intensity was insane. The Story is so believable, and is filled with love, affection, betrayal, twists, and horror.

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Father 1793630 [1.8] Father Adventure Map Final Download

javaw 2012 03 01 18 05 23 416 1592393 [1.8] Father Adventure Map Final Download

How to Install Father Adventure Map

  1. Download the .zip
  2. Browse into, %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/saves
  3. Open the downloaded .zip
  4. Drag the father adventure map file into your saves folder.
  5. Select the map in singleplayer mode.

After you download this file…

Unzip the folder and place the “-Father- Adventure Map” file in your saves.  You will find the story notes in this file.  You should be good to go!  




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