[1.8] Legend of Zelda – The Shadow Cave Map Download

[1.8] Legend of Zelda – The Shadow Cave Map Download

At one point we have all come across and even played the legend of Zelda games, you may be in love with the Zelda games. Well I think you will love the legend of Zelda the shadow cave custom map for Minecraft, you may already know about this map as it has been very popular. Downloads of this map haven’t just come from the name, the developer of this map has done a great job in keeping this map very Zelda esc.

This map is made for the adventure craft mod. It is one of the best custom maps for Minecraft and adventure craft, if not the best map! Playing threw this map is so enjoyable.

Please note to play this map you must have adventure craft installed as the map has a lot of features which cant be used with out adventure craft. This mod has NPC’s and a lot more features so make sure you download adventure craft first.


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  1. Is this map also compadiable with 1.7.10? And does it requires any mods to play it?



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