[1.8] Micro Cubes Map Download

[1.8] Micro Cubes Map Download

The Micro Cubes Map for Minecraft takes the concept of the commonly played Skyblock style map and creates it’s own kind of objective based one. The map consists of multiple cubes, where the player has to survive. These enclosed, small platforms each have their own environments with their own block types and items, encouraging the player to keep moving and keep going through the map. The final objective, however, if the player can make it that far is a castle, with a boss inside. Defeating the boss is tough in itself but once completed, the main objective will always be finished and the player is free to enjoy the reward and the map for as long as desired. It’s also great to play on hard difficulties, or even competitively as the Micro Cubes Map is available for servers and through the use of command blocks, adds just a little bit more excitement and functionality to the map when playing. The design of the map is great, and cool to sit back and relax with.

MicroCubes 2 MicroCubes

Micro Cubes Map Pros and Cons


  • Better to play with friends, but still has the option of playing via singleplayer.
  • Cool idea for a map.
  • Lots of little features.


  • The map itself is great, but it has a very simple objective.
  • Little storyline, hard to stay intrigued after a while.

Micro Cubes 3

Micro Cubes Map

  1. Download the Micro Cubes Map zip file.
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open the ‘saves’ folder.
  3. Open the downloaded Micro Cubes Map zip file and drag the Micro Cubes world folder into the ‘saves’ folder.
  4. Select and spawn into your new world after launching Minecraft.


  1. Download the Micro Cubes Map zip file.
  2. Open your main server folder.
  3. In your config, make sure you have command blocks enabled.
  4. Open the downloaded Micro Cubes Map zip file and drag the world folder into the main server directory.
  5. In your config, change the world name to the name of the new world folder.
  6. Launch your server and enjoy!


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