[1.8] Minecraft Tower Control Map Download

[1.8] Minecraft Tower Control Map Download

Do you like playing Minecraft on servers with many other players?  Perhaps you enjoy the mini games that many of them feature!  There are a lot of various games like fighting, racing, puzzle solving and much more.  One of the most popular types is PvP or player versus player.  This is usually set up in an arena and sometimes they get fancy with traps and more.  If you follow mini games in Minecraft, you have likely heard of SethBling!  One of the best creators out there, a master at redstone has a PvP map for you!  If you like fighting on servers with lots of players, this is the map for you!  This is Minecraft Tower Control Map for Minecraft!

If you like PvP action inside Minecraft, be sure to download and install Minecraft Tower Control Map for Minecraft today!

Minecraft Tower Control Map Main Features

  • Amazing redstone design with many layers.
  • Capture the tower  style gameplay.
  • Tactical and fast paced action!
  • Open new pathways while you capture the towers.
  • Fully resetting map.

How to Use Minecraft Tower Control Map

  • Install as follows in the instructions below.
  • Install on a server if you don’t have a local game.
  • 4 – 9 players per team.
  • Capture two towers to win the match!

Minecraft Tower Control Map Pros and Cons


  1. A really great and fast paced map with tons of action.
  2. Great for larger servers because it allows up to 18 players.


  1. This map is only a mini game so while it is great, it is nothing more than that.

How to Install Minecraft Tower Control Map

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Navigate to your .minecraft / Saves folder (if you don’t have one already, run Minecraft and it will create one)
  3. Download the Minecraft Tower Control Map for Minecraft and place into the Saves folder
  4. (Optional) Install on a server of your own.
  5. Run minecraft and you are ready to play!


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