[1.8] Minecraft’s Edge Custom Map Download

Minecraft’s Edge is a parkour ( free running ) custom map for Minecraft, it does not require any mods but it is great fun to play. As far as I know it was one of the first parkour custom maps. The map is based in a city. The inspiration for the map came from the free running / parkour game mirros edge.


The developer of this map recommends you too play on peaceful and offers a pro tip of looking up if you are jumping from a building to a ladder. For some reason it helps! The map has basic rules such as don’t break or place any blocks, sometimes fences indicate where you are not suppose to go, signs will point you in the right direction so you shouldn’t get lost!

The story behind the map is that you deliver packages for a company and use your free running skills to do it. But someone steals your diamonds and you need to get them back before you loose your job!

How to Install Minecraft’s Edge Custom Map

  1. Download the Minecraft’s Edge Custom Map
  2. Extract the file
  3. Put it into your .minecraft/maps folder
  4. That should do.


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