[1.8] Skyblock Reloaded Map Download

[1.8] Skyblock Reloaded Map Download


You just have your Island, and about 50 Blocks away is a new Island. On this Island, you will find a chest. Inside of that chest is a book with the Quests of the map. You simply put the required Items in the Chest and get a reward.

The Island basically looks like this:

The “QuestChest”The “QuestIsland”The “QuestIsland” after some Progress

This Map features Quests and Trades, here are some Examples of Quests (not Trades):

  • Cobblestonegenerator: Put 64 Cobble in the QuestChest and become two leather instead.
  • Applecollector: Put two apples in the QuestChest and earn two saplings of each kind.
  • Melonfarmer: Put 2 Stacks melonslices it the Questchest to get 5 dirt.
  • Skynovice: Mine 400 Cobble and cut down 200 Oak and unlock the Trading chest. (I hope, this quest works by now)
  • No Name: Complete all medium Quests to unlock hard quests and nether.
  • Murderer: Kill one Villager to unlock the end.
  • Trader: Put 50 emeralds in the QuestChest and get two diamonds.
  • and much more give-get stuff…

How to install:

  • Download the map.
  • Extract file.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Drag map folder into it.
  • Start minecraft.
  • Enjoy and play.


  1. You can’t get seeds! No matter how much dirt you hoe down no seeds ever pop up!

  2. & also when you die you get sent to a big place with animals and you can’t do anything else after that but erase the map and start over again. I personally think that’s cool but it sucks after a while and I had so much progress. Maybe give us a bed to set spawn? Or set spawn on the islad for us? Just an opinion, the map in itself is amazing and fun but it sucks to have no seeds & no spawn point if you die just a random farm with animals

    • Try to backup your saves.

  3. This map sucks it does not work the quests wont go someone plz help me

  4. You have to use bonemeal on Gras to create tall gras then chop IT down

  5. Como faco pra joga esse mapa em um server privado pra joga com amgs.pq o server spigot n aceita a pasta players ai as quests n funcionam.

  6. Can someone put down all the quests here so that people who can’t download maps can still play along

  7. Quando vc morre vc perde td o que tinha feit pois nasce em um lugar cheio de animais o mapa e legal mais não e legal vc morrer e perder td o que fez



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