[1.8] The Ruins of Kegrin Map Download

[1.8] The Ruins of Kegrin Map Download

Have you been looking for a good adventure map? One that could give some back story on the Ender Dragon? Well you could use this map for that reason. Many ages ago, the dark lord Mortimer took the form of man. After centuries of studying, he learned the path to immortality. On the day of Red moon, he cast a spell. One that would link his body forever to his skeletal remains. This then transformed him into a Lich. During the spirit transference, his was mixed with a dark-spirit. This dark spirit was called Naxx’azar. There were countless sacrifices. A dark portal even opened under the Ruins of Kegrin. The Lich found a new domain known as The End. Since his soul was so strong, the End transformed him into a Dragon! With the help of his minions, acolytes who are now Enderman, Naxx’azar seeks to devour the world. He does this so he can have the powers of God himself. After discovering the treasure of the Arcane University, you took the airship. You set your course for the Ruins of Kegrin. But while traveling, a storm struck your airship. You were forced to take an emergency landing. After crashing into a giant pillar, you walk out dizzied and confused. This map was a really cool map. It’s most likely one of the best maps, I’ve ever played. Everything was built really good. The level designs were stunning. The spawn area looked beautiful as well. The ruins themselves were also designed really well. It even had little secret rooms you could find as well. All you had to do was follow the gravel and red mushrooms. When you find a big red one, that’s when you’ve found the secret.

The Ruins of Kegrin Map Main Features

  • There is around five total unique chapters
  • Is an adventure map
  • Can be used in both SSP and SMP

The Ruins of Kegrin MapThe Ruins of Kegrin MapThe Ruins of Kegrin MapThe Ruins of Kegrin MapThe Ruins of Kegrin Map

The Ruins of Kegrin Map Rules

  • Begin on at least easy
  • You’re allowed to break blocks at your own risk
  • If your stuck, you’re allowed to break or place blocks
  • Do NOT loot dispensers

The Ruins of Kegrin Map Pros and Cons


  • Is really long so it should last for quite a while
  • Everything is built really well
  • I thought the fighting and exploring was well balanced


  • I couldn’t really find anything since I liked everything

How to Install The Ruins of Kegrin Map

  1. Download The Ruins of Kegrin
  2. Go to your ‘Roaming’ folder by typing in %appdata% into the search bar
  3. Click on ‘.minecraft’ and then the ‘saves’ folder
  4. Drag and drop TRoK map folder that’s inside the .rar into the ‘saves’ folder
  5. Enjoy!


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