[1.9] Skylands Map Download

05992  Skylands Map [1.9] Skylands Map Download

Start an epic journey discovering all the main skylands, scattered across the sky. Besides the beautiful main skylands, there’s also plenty of other special skylands, ore clusters, dungeons and more. If that’s not enough, try completing all the quests in the attached quest list for an extra challenge.


  • A unique survival minecraft experience.
  • Multiplayer compatibility (1-4 players recommended).
  • 13 Main Skylands to discover.
  • 16 Special Skylands to explore.
  • 2 Dungeons to conquer.
  • Tons of smaller skylands.
  • 8 balanced shops in which you trade farmable resources, like cactus or stone, for finite resources, like sand or horse armor!

8c318  Skylands Map 1 [1.9] Skylands Map Download

8c318  Skylands Map 2 [1.9] Skylands Map Download

8c318  Skylands Map 3 [1.9] Skylands Map Download

8c318  Skylands Map 4 [1.9] Skylands Map Download



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