[1.9] Tesseractus Map Download

a0095  Tesseractus Map [1.9] Tesseractus Map Download

Inspired by the 4D platformer Miegakure, this is the world’s first Minecraft map in four dimensions. Of course, since Minecraft is “only” 3D, just like our universe, you can only access the fourth dimension by rotating the world. After you have understood the fourth dimension, let’s see if your mind is ready for a challenge! Are you ready to conquer 20 unique 4D levels and create your own using the Level Editor included in the map?


  • 20 mind-melting levels in four dimensions.
  • A level editor and 5 custom level slots.
  • An info-zone to help you understand the fourth dimension.
  • A most unique puzzle map.

45abf  Tesseractus Map 1 [1.9] Tesseractus Map Download
45abf  Tesseractus Map 2 [1.9] Tesseractus Map Download
c21e4  Tesseractus Map 3 [1.9] Tesseractus Map Download
c21e4  Tesseractus Map 4 [1.9] Tesseractus Map Download



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