Candrean Catacombs Map Download

The Candrean Catacombs Map is a map that is based entirely around Minecraft CTM, or ‘Complete the Monument’. This map relies one hundred percent on your combat skill and prowess. You will be fighting off hordes and hordes of mobs in order to find the eight pieces of colored wool that allow you to reign victorious! The Candrean Catacombs are a scary place that relies solely on loot based resources to survive!

Candrean Catacombs Map Main Features

  • The Candrean Catacombs are a terrifying place to try and survive, with no space to hide, you need to battle hordes of mobs that wait around every corner!
  • In total, there are eight pieces of colored wool that you will find in chests around the map, in order to achieve victory you must collect all of them and place them on the ‘victory monument’!
  • The maps rules are simple, do not enable flying, do not make a nether portal or dye wool, and do not play on peaceful, (obviously!).

Candrean Catacombs Map Candrean Catacombs Map

Candrean Catacombs Map Pros and Cons

POSITIVES: This map servers as more of a challenge map, it relies totally on your own skill! You can play this map with your friends or you can even try going solo! It is virtually bugless

NEGATIVES: Unfortunately, this map is not unique. There are many CTM based maps out there, and this is just one of them.

How to Install Candrean Catacombs Map

  1. First of all, download the Candrean Catacombs Map.
  2. Next, drag and drop the .zip folder of your map download into the ‘saves’ folder within your Minecraft directory!
  3. And lastly, simply load up the game and have lots of fun killing hordes of mobs! ENJOY!


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