Castaway Island Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

Castaway Island Map is made in a way that “everyone” must download in order to have fun in minecraft because this mod is the “best” adventure mods I have seen in my long years of minecraft. Castaway Island Map challenge you with one of the greatest adventuring and tactic skills, you will be able to do over 7 quests and 35 challenges. You will have to be jumping and sliding for your life in Castaway Island Map and ofcourse lots of fun! There are secrets and rare stuff everywhere including portals and other rewarding rewards for finishing a quest. There is also this revolutionary challenge system which will grant you 35 challenges to overcome!

Mods information

1. 3 types of revolutionary challenges

  • Exploration challenges

This will encourage you to explore around this huge island of castaway which is all handmade. There will be unique rewards and rare loots around so watch out for those!

  • Building challenges

This challenge will encourage you to build you fortress according to your liking. You can put your S.O.S anywhere and set your traps the way you like! this challenge push your imagination to the limit!

  • Crafting challenges

What I called… The minecraft IQ test.

2. Non linear Quests

There are a big range of unending quests waiting for you in this mod. The linear paths are paths that you can clear your quest with everything you’ve got. Minecraft got no rules at first, so does this mod, the quests require out of the box thinking skills, and logic skills to complete. You will be running around mazes looking for the diamond armor and end up fighting your way out.

3. Allignment challenges

These are technically like “main” quests which is way harder than the non linear ones. These kinds of quest will lead you to mysterious places and solve the mistery. there will be huge underground caves and underwater world something like that.

4. No rules…

As I say… there are no rules and no limit to imagination….

How to Install Castaway Island Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. go to your “.minecraft” location
  2. select your “saves” folder
  3. extract all your singleplayer mods here
  4. select the map “castaway island” in the game
  5. HAVE FUN!





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