Crazy Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

There aren’t anything much to explain about this map since there is no “exact” theme in the beggining with. The Crazy Adventure Map is just a map that put all the coolest thing together into one map and in fact it is all randomly distributed. The Crazy Adventure Map however aren’t boring like it should be, there is one thing that this map shine for and its the CRAZYNESS, yes… everything in here doesn’t go according to your mind but according you your wild crazy senses. You will find chests in some place really safe and you’ll find a bed inside a lava, everything impossible you can think of is now on a test with this mod around!

Crazy Adventure Map

Crazy Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.2.5 Main Features

  • Crazy map
  • Crazy quests
  • Crazy theme
  • CRAZY CRAZY lol!

How to Install Crazy Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

**This is the normal way to install a map so if you know go ahead!**

  1. Extract the map on your desktop
  2. Rename it as “world 2″ in which this will replace your “world 2 slot” in your minecraft game
  3. Go to your “start” menu
  4. Then find “run”
  5. Type there in the box “%appdata%”
  6. Roaming files
  7. Then go to “.minecraft” folder
  8. Then “saves” folder
  9. Copy and paste your map here
  10. DONE!



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  1. Hey i made a video about this map check it out



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