Dungeon Of Heroes Map for Minecraft 1.4.6

Dungeon of Heroes Map is an amazing and entertaining map for Minecraft that will suck you into the game for hours. Dungeon of Heroes map is a crawler map that includes a lot of bloodshed, loot and loads of fun for you and your friends. The map has randomly generated dungeons and different levels of difficulty for the so called “Heroes” to go through. There is a lot of levels to play through, and each level includes hordes of monsters for you to kill. Every fourth level you get some unique rewards that will help you to play through. Boss fights start after the 34th level and the total play through time should consist of 2-3 hours. The map is very big and it can grant you never ending fun. There are a set of rules to follow which will be given out to you in-game. It is a very witty map and requires cunning and skill to win it. Do you accept the challenge?

Dungeon Of Heroes Map For Minecraft 1.4.6 Main Features

  • Creates randomly generated dungeons using red-stone. Always a different play-through
  • Supports the ability of 4 players playing through the map
  • Each player can get a certain “class” e.g swordsman or hunter
  • Includes a lot of red stone to ensure your fun
  • Many unique bosses for you to fight and many, many mobs
  • Grants you a unique play through every-time

Dungeon Of Heroes Map For Minecraft 1.4.6 Pros and Cons

The map is still in development and contains some major bugs which are soon going to be fixed.

  • Sometimes the teleport button does not work
  • Certain blocks can be broken (which you are not allowed to break)
  • Run.bat auto-installer doesn’t work yet (solution in the installation guide)
  • Armories throw loot onto the roof

How to Install Dungeon of Heroes Map for Minecraft 1.4.6

  1. Install the map just like you would any other map for single player by dropping it into your “saves” folder
  2. For installation to your server put the file into your server folder and rename it in your server properties to launch the correct map.



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