Fire Jumper Parkour Map Download

Do you like old video games like the extremely popular Super Marion Brothers series, Tomb Raider games or perhaps most recently the epitome of parkour video games, Assassins Creed?  Platforming is always quite popular in map making since it requires skill, timing and a goal that is just out of reach.  If you enjoy testing your skills on parkour platforming maps, you should install the Fire Jumper Parkour Map for Minecraft right away!  This map includes a labyrinth, moving platforms for strategic and intense jumping sequences and deadly lava platforming.  This map goes from insane jumps that seem impossible to quiet and still fun navigation through a well made maze, so there is a break between the death defying leaps.  This is a fun and quick map that allows for multiple players.  This map is in German, but it still lets you play through without having to know the language, but just as a heads up warning, there are signs that may appear in the German language!  Simply use levers, jump and continue, no need to read the signs.

If you want a quick and fun jumping action map with good design, traps and labyrinthine structures, then you should download and install Fire Jumper Parkour right now!

Fire Jumper Parkour Map Main Features

  • Awesome parkour action
  • Deadly traps that shift and change
  • Intense jumps over bubbling lava
  • Maze exploration

Fire Jumper Parkour Map Screenshots

Fire Jumper Parkour Map Fire Jumper Parkour Map Fire Jumper Parkour Map

How to Install Fire Jumper Parkour Map

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Locate the Saves folder
  3. Download the Fire Jumper Parkour Map
  4. Unzip the folder
  5. Place the entire folder into the  Saves folder in .minecraft
  6. Run minecraft, select the map from saves and you are ready to play Fire Jumper Parkour Map!


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