Kingdom of Verona Map Download

Kingdom of Verona Map Download

Are you a fan of the medieval times and you like the life that the people live? Or you just enjoy playing in a medieval town? Kingdom of Verona Map is the map you are looking for then. The map itself is a large medieval city with a castle in the middle and small villages surrounding it and spreading on a vast terrain.
Small mining villages, southern desert villages and many secret places is what awaits you in this map. Unique designs and many challenges and treasures to find and accomplish. Fascinating as it gets, the amazing thing about this map, is that the creator has nearly done everything by hand. Everything except the village houses, which he used as schematics downloaded from other players. This shows how much dedication and hard work he put into this map, and it was totally worth it.

Kingdom of Verona Map Kingdom of Verona Map Kingdom of Verona Map

The Kingdom of Verona map Main Features.

  • Everything in the map was created by hand, except for the village houses, their schematics were borrowed from other players.
  • There is a huge castle in the map, which is the center of the city. Many treasures may be found in the castle an the castle walls. The coordinates for the castle are: X-185, Y-64, Z-56.
  • Many different types of structures, e.g mining villages and caves full of adventures and dangers.

The Kingdom of Verona Map Version 2 Changelogs

  • Self made palm trees added to the game
  • The Main hall of the castle now has furniture!
  • A cliff side village, with furnished houses has been added.
  • A mining town, that has never been seen before
  • A huge river now flows in the kingdom
  • Improvements to many parts of the kingdom have been made.

How to Install The Kingdom of Verona Map

  1. Locate your “saves” folder in the root folder of Minecraft.
  2. Download this map and copy the file into the “saves” folder
  3. Enjoy!


  1. What texture pack are you using

  2. do you spawn in as creative or in survival? and if it is survival, can’t you change it to creative

    • If you spawn in survival and cheats isn’t enabled, just use not enough items and single players commands on 1.6.4.



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