Levi’s Nightmare Adventure Map Download

Levi’s Nightmare is  basically about levi’s nightmare in which levi woke up among this pile of rubble without any memory, The only reason why you know your name is because there is a name tag on your jacket which clearly state that you are “Levi Insecttis”. Soon you bounce out of your but in response from a weird vulgar aroma that soon surround the area which makes you wanna throw up. Soon this black holes (or dots) start to grow all over the floor, with fear and curiosity you went on your way to find the answer. So this is basically the introduction of this adventure map, and since this map have a story line, there are rules to play it “with” fun. The rules are easy and basically involve things like don’t cheat and stuff. These are the fules: Don’t destroy blocks, you can craft things but levers, buttons, pressure plates, and redstones, you can build blockls, Notes are found every where in which you will follow the story by it, Gold ingots are hidden inside the map (this is the scoring system).

Levi's Nightmare Adventure Map

Levi’s Nightmare Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6 Main Features

  • Great story line
  • Perfect, creepy, nightmarish, horroric, dungeons
  • Lots of quests and notes to go through and find
  • All in all one of the best chilling map

How to Install Levi’s Nightmare Adventure Map

  1. Extract the map on your desktop
  2. Find “run” in your start menu
  3. Then type “%appdata%”
  4. Find “roaming files” if your not already in there
  5. Then “.minecraft” folder
  6. Then “saves” folder
  7. Copy and paste the map here
  8. DONE!


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