Millenium Map Download

The Millenium Map is another fun short map by Openf1re. This map revolves around a strange place in the middle of no where. After days of traveling you come across a house. Looking for some rest, you go inside only to find no one there. You explore a bit and find some notes. You then go on a small adventure to find out what’s going on. I found this map to be a fun one. It only took around 30 minutes to complete as well. So if your looking for a fun, quick, short map, this is it. But like I already said this map was pretty fun. The story was pretty interesting too. I didn’t spot any typos either so that’s good thing. The buildings were also nicely built too. The ending was also pretty cool too.

Millenium Map Main Features

  • Is a fun adventure map
  • Is around 30 minutes long
  • Is a pretty fun map
  • Can be used for SSP and SMP

Millenium MapMillenium Map Millenium Map

Millenium Map Rules

  • No breaking blocks unless they’re clay
  • No crafting
  • No cheating
  • Take the minecart or take extras
  • Play on at least easy difficulty
  • Read all the signs
  • If you are playing solo, take only half the things in the chest

Millenium Map Pros and Cons


  • Is not a long map
  • The designs for the buildings are really nice
  • The characters were nicely scripted


  • There really isn’t anything wrong with this map either

How to Install the Millenium Map

  1. Download the Millenium Map
  2. (Optional) Download and install DokuCraft
  3. Go to your ‘Roaming’ folder by typing %appdata% into the search bar
  4. Click on ‘.minecraft’ and then the ‘saves’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the folder from the .rar into the ‘saves’ folder
  6. Enjoy!


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