Sky Conqueror Map Download

Sky conqueror is actually a series in which you can try searching in Youtube. Now as the title says so a “sky conqueror” is a commander who rules the sky right? This map is everything about that. You wake up and find yourselves in a land flying above ground, you look around and there is no body. this is a sign that you can start your rule on one of the flying island made by the creator of this mod! If you find other lands flying from a distance, don’t be shocked… its just a piece of land that is technically flying because of this map XD


Sky Conqueror Map Main Features

  • New map
  • Flying dust and grounds
  • Lots of quests and adventure to seek
  • Lots of treasures to find
  • Traps along the way, so be careful!

How to Install Sky Conqueror Map

  1. Download the Sky Conqueror map
  2. Extract the map on the desktop
  3. Rename it as “world#” in which this will replace “world # slot”
  4. Go to your start menu and find “run”
  5. Type there in run “%appdata%”
  6. Roaming files
  7. Then “.minecraft” foler
  8. Then “saves”
  9. Copy and paste your map here
  10. Try opening the game and see if its there
  11. PLAY!

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