Sky Pyramid Map for Minecraft 1.4.5

Sky Pyramid Map is a map that is all about surviving, if you have ever played a map that has only one island you will feel the wrath of loneliness and pain!! Muhahaha! You will have to protect your air pyramid from invaders like those zombies and creepers which will be spawning spontaneously. Build a house, build a fortress, build a trap, and deal with the cobblestone with limited resources!! There will be lots of quests and challenges along the way which you will have to use your brains to pass the level. And again I can’t stress this enough in every map… please in order for this map to make you have fun DONT CHEAT! don’t fly, don’t do anything that is basically “inappropriate” minecraft is more exciting without you using cheats :D !

Sky Pyramid Map for Minecraft 1.4.5 Main Features

  • Survive the island “alone”
  • Protect your pyramid with all costs!
  • Build a house, find resources
  • Survive! this is the basic rule of a survival map!
  • Use brains don’t use cheats :D “best regards…”

How to Install Sky Pyramid Map for Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. Extract this map on your desktop
  2. Rename it as “world 1″ which will replace your “world 1 slot” in your minecraft game
  3. Click start menu and go to “run”
  4. Type “%appdata%”
  5. Roaming files
  6. Then “.minecraft”
  7. And go to “saves” folder
  8. Copy and paste your map here
  9. DONE!



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