The Last of Us Map Download

The Last of Us is a survival/adventure map inspired by the upcoming game with the same name that naughty dog is going to release on june.


  • You are lost in the middle of New York two decades after a plague has killed millions.
  • The streets are full of monsters that try to kill you.
  • Do whatever you need to survive and find a working vehicle to leave the town.

Main challenge:

  • Find a working vehicle.

Other challenges:

  • Find food in abandoned buildings.
  • Chop down a tree to get wood.
  • Make a refuge. Must have a chest, a workbench and a furnace.
  • Find clothing and medicine.
  • Craft a bow and arrows.
  • Make a map.
  • Find a renewable food source.
  • Tame a wolf.
  • Use the Empire State Building’s antenna.

Challenges for experts:

  • Destroy the skeleton spawner.
  • Destroy the creeper spawner.
  • Destroy the spider spawner.
  • Destroy the 5 zombie spawners.
  • Destroy the hidden silverfish spawner of the subway.
  • Increase the population of villagers living in the subway.
  • Build more rooms in the subway.
  • Find the 9 blocks of dirt and make a 3×3 wheat farm in the subway.


  • Drag and drop the zipped map into your saves folder and use “unzip here”.
  • Drag and drop the texturepack .ZIP file into your texturepack folder.
  • This can be done by clicking ‘texture pack’ from the main menu of minecraft then clicking “Open texture pack folder” and draging and dropping the file in.
  • Install Optifine HD (This mod will increase your FPS)

Optifine Settings:

  • Mipmap Level: Max
  • Mipmap Type: Linear
  • Better Grass: Fancy/fast
  • Custom Sky: ON
  • Distance: Far

Texture Pack: Sphax PureBDCraft



  1. do you need to play it in survival or adventure?

    • probably survival so you can destroy blocks

  2. This map is awesome…
    My pc is slow so i dont play with the modpack (the modpack is just a shader pack with smart moving and dynamic lights mods) but still awesome 🙂

  3. lan Olmuyo

  4. Exelent

  5. ‘kopbi y;uogbo/fy7


  6. I Used The Last Of Us Texture…Is Good?

  7. Does anybody know where I could find the xbox map version I tried to converted and it kept frezzeen on me.

  8. what is the minecraft version?

  9. Elle est disponible sur ps4



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