The Rising of the Pharaoh Map Download

This map has the spirit of ancient Egypt much like you would find in famous movies like The Mummy or even an Indiana Jones feel.  You travel through the map full of mazes and jumps where you must find your way through in order to stop the Rising of the Pharaoh.  This map has a large city to explore on your own time, giving it more life and a really  nice texture pack comes with it.  This texture pack bring a whole new level to the map because it was made just for it.  Travel through the city, find the fabled ancient pyramid and find your way through the deadly underground.

The Rising of the Pharaoh Map Main Features

  • A large map to explore with hidden areas and much more.
  • Large boss fight and neat little deadly lava section.
  • Custom texture pack to go along with this map.

The Rising of the Pharaoh Map Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Tons of areas to travel through and a huge city, a lot to see and do in this map.  Custom texture pack is really nice.
  • Cons: There could be a lot more in this map but since these arent pro designers, its really quite good.

How to Install The Rising of the Pharaoh Map

  1. Go to your Start Menu in Windows, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft.
  2. Find the Saves folder located inside the .mincraft folder.
  3. In the Saves folder you need to place the entire folder of the Waka Islands Survival map inside.
  4. Run minecraft and select the Waka Islands Survival map you are ready to play.
  5. (Optional) install the texture pack located in the download in the texture packs folder and select in Minecraft.


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