Total Wipeout Map Download

If you own a TV set then you have probably heard of the TV series ‘Total Wipepout’. A show in which contestants must take on a grueling assault course in order to get the best time and progress through to the next round. Well now, you can actually remake that in Minecraft, with the Total Wipeout Map by ‘Wipper1799′. This map accurately recreates the assault course in to Minecraft and includes many of your favourite obstacles! I recommend this map to anyone, it is challenging but is such good fun playing with friends.

Total Wipeout Map Main Features!

  • A waterfall staircase will take you to your first obstacle.
  • You can play this with your friends and race against each other!
  • This map is accurate but is also quite challenging.
  • It includes some of your favourite Wipeout obstacles like the ‘Big Red Balls’.
  • It should take just under one and a half minutes to complete IF you’re quick enough!

Total Wipeout Map Pros and Cons!


  • It uses redstone work to really bring the obstacles to life.
  • Is accurate to the real life version, but maintains a lot of difficulty.
  • Very fun to play with friends and race!
  • This map also works with other mods and dependencies.


  • There are no faults with this Minecraft map.

How to install the Total Wipeout Map 

  1. First, download the Total Wipeout Map.
  2. Extract the files to your desktop with WinRar.
  3. Press start and hit the ‘run’ application.
  4. Search to %appdata%/.minecraft/saves.
  5. Drag and drop your downloaded files into there.
  6. Launch Minecraft and select the right save file.
  7. Enjoy your new Minecraft map.


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