Wintertide: A Chilling Mystery Map for Minecraft 1.4.5

You arrive in the village of Wintertide via hot air balloon after receiving a message, a call for help from the locals!  Inside there are a dozen houses begging to be explored as you take this quest to find out the secret of Wintertide.  Brave the freezing cold as frost coats the town as you make your way through the chilly courtyard.  This Wintertide map is very interactive and you might find it quite immersive, making  you really feel like part of this ice coated world.  The creators really found the best ways to create atmosphere within the realms of vanilla Minecraft, by setting the render distance to normal, brightness to low and turn down the music and leave the sound effects.  It feels quite eerie and this is the first winter-themed “horror” map I have ever seen.  You are in for about an hour of fun, chills and immersion!

If you want a very well designed, compact, chilling and atmospheric map, well Wintertide is something for you!

Wintertide: A Chilling Mystery Map for Minecraft 1.4.5 Main Features

  • Awesome storyline
  • Well designed map
  • Easter eggs and collectibles

Wintertide: A Chilling Mystery Map Version 2.0 for Minecraft 1.4.5 Changelog

  • Updated for Minecraft 1.3.2
  • Updated to new books for easier reading of the story
  • Fixed noteblock music
  • Silenced proximity detectors
  • Doors alignment fixed

How to Install Wintertide: A Chilling Mystery Map for Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. Open Start Menu, type %appdata% and locate .Minecraft, then navigate to Saves
  2. Download Wintertide zip
  3. Copy the contents of zip to that folder and run Minecraft, select from saves and go



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