Wreckage Survival and Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

“you wake up, your heads buzzing. you look around. “where am I?” you think.
your sucluded to a tiny life boat. but you dont remember anything before
you woke.”

Gather your equipment and head out. but be careful. this world can be treacherous.

Wreckage 1.2.5 By njhill13

Wreckage. the ultimate and thrilling map pack for minecraft. its your disision. experience this amazing world on your own, with no story line. and fight it out against all odds that have been placed in front of you. or decide to not only survive but investigate a mysterious ship whos crew has vanished. you have no memory of anything that happened. so its time you found out.

Wreckage Survival and Adventure Map

wreckage is actually a two map download. adventure and survival. both relatively the same. only there is a story line to follow in the adventure.

After playing popular maps like; Sky Block, where you are basically imprisoned to boredom. the first 20 minutes are fun, but once you begin to loose items, or screw up your cobble generator, and create obby. you start to get extremely frustrated. now i can usually handle that. but after a while, you will just give up. but with wreckage. i wanted to do something a little easier and, well. a lot more creative in my perspective.

The Story of wreckage. your wake up on a lifeboat, with few supply’s. and venture out to a shop, which is damaged. in the adventure, you find out what has happened. and in the survival. well. you survive.

Wreckage Survival and Adventure Map 2

How to Install Wreckage Survival and Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download the Wreckage map pack.
  2. Choose one of the maps inside the pack.
  3. Drag it into %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/saves
  4. Drag the save into saves file. have fun.
  5. If you chose the adventure, keep the zip open, and open the notes folder. read only when it tells you too.



  1. Doesn`t work 🙁

  2. sdadw

  3. i really think survival should have a storyline



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