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You like mining, building, exploring, fighting, and crafting but you are not a fan of the enchanting or brewing systems in Minecraft. So, this mod is for you, getting the most commonly needed potions and enchant effects without the table or the brewing stand.


  • This mod did not attempt to provide for every potion and enchant.
  • In fact, this mod might have gone a little overboard and added some items that can get enchants up to level 10. Even flying armors as well. All by mining and crafting on a vanilla table.
  • There are a few new ores to mine, several powders to craft, special items, and more.
  • No special machines or alters required, everything works with the vanilla crafting table and furnace.

All recipes are in JEI, which is highly recommended.

Core Content:

Clear Glass:


All Things Kevium seeks to change the way enchants, potion effects, and the like are performed, by mining new ores and using them in crafting recipes.

This mod offers commonly used enchants with levels up to X (i. e. Sharpness X).  Most potion effects are permanent while the items are wore or in the player’s inventory.


Kevium is a brand new ore and a very magical material. You can find Kevium Ore in your world and it will drop (4)  Kevium powder when mined. Kevium should not be hard to find.

With Kevium Powder, you can make ingots, combine it with iron powder and diamond powder to make Kevium Alloy.  Kevium Alloy is great for making armor, tools and weapons, imbuing them with magical ability.


Kevium Powder can be added to various foods to enhance their healing ability and provide temporary buffs. There are several vanilla items that can be transformed from mundane to magical with the addition of some Kevium Powder (e.g. diamonds, string, emerald, bones, coal, food, feathers, etc.)

For example, crafting a vanilla Bow with some Kevium diamonds transforms it into a magical weapon with Power, Punch, and Infinity.  Kevium Diamonds can also enhance diamond tools, weapons, and armor, if you are so inclined.

Be sure to make some Kevium Coal early on, it lasts eight (8) types longer than regular coal.

But, Kevium will only get you so far. That is where Joycium ore comes in. It is not magical, but has the unique ability to enhance the magic of other materials. Sure, you can make some items with Joycium, and they are better than diamond, but the true power of Joycium is realized when it is mixed with Kevium. Mixing Kevium and Joycium with some other materials creates Jakium, the most magical material in the mod. Jakium items are totally OP.


The Simple Armor is made with leather and Kevium Powder and gives permanent  potion effects.

The Alloy Armor is even more durable, has potion effects and the power of flight with no fall damage. It has enchants of level 5.

The Jakium Armor is completly OP with enchants up to level 10 and flight. If you die, you did something stupid.

Note: The Kevium and Jakium Armor and their associated tools and weapons, have both inherent and potential magic. The inherent magic is present when they are crafted. The potential magic needs to be activated with a Catalyst Stone.

Two fearsome mobs: Kevin and Joyce

Note: This mod only works in Single Player for now.


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