[1.10.2] Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod Download

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod is nearly identical to its predecessor Ex Nihilo in terms of gameplay. There are some things taken from Ex Nihilo 2, but it is more similar to the first.

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod

Resource production

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 1

You can use hammers to break cobblestone into gravel, gravel into sand, and then sand into dust.

Don’t want that sandstone anymore? No problem! Just hammer it back into sand.

Are you tired of all that normal, not falling netherrack? Hammer it into nether gravel!

Endstone, too! Who wouldn’t want all the blocks in the end to be able to fall?

Ore processing

Gotten any broken ores from sifting gravel?

Pack em together into ore gravel!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 2

You can use the hammer to break apart the ore gravel and get bits of crushed ore. You can repeat the process again to get ore dust, and every extra step you take gives the chance of getting more ore!

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 3

You can smelt each type of ore into its ingot.

I want it

Glad to hear. To make one, you simply put some wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond on a handle like this:

Ex Nihilo Omnia Mod 4


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